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Type of organization: Regional Partnership Non Profit Organization
Founded: 19th December 2006 at Lusaka, Zambia
Registered: 19th May 2007 with the Council for Non Governmental Organizations (CONGOMA) in Malawi; 13th June 2007 with the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Board in Malawi)

The ReSCOPE Programme is run by a Board that is made up of one member representing the lead organization in each participating country. The Board appoints a five member Management Committee that meets every six months. The chair and the vice chair of the Board are also the chair and the vice chair of the Management Committee. The host country member serves the function of Treasurer in both the Management Committee and the Board. In addition two Trustees from the host country serve as signatories to the ReSCOPE accounts and are members of the Programme’s Finance Committee. The day to day running of the ReSCOPE Programme is the responsibility of a secretariat that is headed by the Regional Coordinator.

Each country elects or appoints a lead organization implementing Permaculture in school and college communities in which they are working.

Funding Partners

Lead organizations

Country Lead Organization Contact Person
Kenya Resources Oriented Development Initiatives (RODI) Eliud Ngunjiri
Malawi School Health and Nutrition Programme of the Ministry of Education Charles Mazinga
South Africa Biowatch South Africa Kwazulu Natal Programme (interim)
Lawrence Mkhalipi (interim)
Uganda Kulika Elijah Kyamuwendo
Zambia Community Youth Concern (CYC) Gertrude Zulu-Shinkanga
Zimbabwe Schools and Colleges Permaculture (SCOPE) Programme Daniel Sithole

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