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Programme strategy
The ReSCOPE Programme provides technical support to partners in each participating country to design and implement schools' Permaculture programmes and projects. The Programme seeks to work closely with relevant government Ministries, NGO’s and CBO’s. The partners will be assisted to establish In-country networks, partnerships and programmes that will enhance the implementation of these programmes and projects.

The Programme facilitates the sharing of relevant information between partners in their countries. The ReSCOPE Programme is therefore not an implementing partner in itself but provides technical support to the implementing partners in the participating countries. The experiences of the SCOPE Programme in Zimbabwe and those of other Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture projects and programmes in the region are used as opportunities for sharing information among partners.

Area of activity
East and Southern Africa.

Programme outputs
  • Partnerships between organizations involved in Permaculture are strengthened.
  • Guidelines for practical and sustainable land-use in schools are produced and shared.
  • Healthy environments in institutions of learning and communities are created.
  • Partnerships with relevant Government Ministries are established.
  • Relevant learning packs are produced.
  • Information sharing mechanisms for partners are established.
  • Capacities of partner organizations are enhanced.
  • Joint monitoring and evaluation systems are set up.
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